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We provide Short-Term Radon Test Reports for Real Estate Transactions.
Radon tests are often an option in the home inspection process.

We do NOT offer radon mitigation services.

If you are in the process of purchasing a property and are unsure if you should test for radon, consider reading more from The American Cancer Society, The Office of the Surgeon General, and the The Environmental Protection Agency.

Why test for Radon?
1. There is a health risk associated with living in properties containing high levels of radon. Consider reading more from the links above.

2. When you are the new buyer of a property, and high radon levels are discovered, radon mitigation is often paid for by the seller (real estate agents routinely include radon clauses in their purchase agreements - consult with your agent).

3. When you become the seller of the house, the new buyer will likely have the house tested for radon and may find high radon levels. They might demand that you, as the seller, pay for radon mitigation (once again, depending on how the purchase agreement is composed).



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